Normally, I forward letters to Bolton News regarding the goodness of community cohesion work in our town.

However, on this occasion, I felt compelled to write as it is very obvious that reckless driving in the town is on the increase. These individuals show total disregard for the safety of others and are making life difficult for other road users and pedestrians.

Such high speed driving results, in some cases, in injuries and even the ultimate cost of precious lives lost.

Recently the person who lost her life was Gay Wharton, a caring, committed and dedicated community person whose contributions as consort to the Mayor, Councillor Martin Donaghy and to other projects was immense.

I was privileged to meet her on a few occasions and without doubt she’s a very sad loss for our town.

Even after all this time, one cannot imagine the sense of loss for her husband and the family whose lives will never be the same. We can only extend our sympathy and pray for them.

I must raise a serious concern about the reckless driving in our town. From my personal experience areas around Deane Road, Canon Street and Wigan Road which tend to be my main routes in and out of town are frankly no place for anyone who wants to stick to the speed limit or obey the bus lanes rules.

This is nothing new. We have read and heard about other areas in the town where it has almost become a norm for some who wants to race and disregard the simplest of road rules.

This kind of irresponsible attitude, if allowed to carry on, has an impact upon many other aspects of people’s lives.

We are all responsible for own actions and those who blatantly disobey the laws, show no consideration for others and will continue to damage the goodness of our town.

I would urge the Bolton Council as whole, GMP and our MPs to look at this issue much more seriously.

We cannot simply allow innocent people like Gay Wharton’s lives to be statistics only.

Chan Parmar