CHILDREN have been left upset and confused as to why vandals would trash their beautiful and well-used reading garden.

Headteacher of St James CE Primary School, Lisa Belfield told The Bolton News her pupils could not understand why anybody would act in such a way.

During the half-term vandals had scrambled on the roof to get into the area before wrecking it. Yobs returned to the school on Wednesday night this time targeting the play area used by very youngest.

This time they removed play equipment and put it on the school roof.

Reports suggest those responsible for wrecking the reading garden may be ex-pupils.

Mrs Belfield said: "The children in the class who have been using the area have been saddened and disappointed that this has happened, they don’t understand why anyone would want to behave in this way. They were shocked to hear that it might be ex-pupils who are involved.

" It is such a shame, especially as last year we had the furniture stolen too which we’ve only just managed to replace thanks to our anonymous donor .

"It’s very frustrating for the staff who work hard to make the space welcoming and purposeful for the children.

"Since we have only just replaced the furniture, we are now able to use the area as fully intended as a ‘reading garden’ - it has been so nice to see some small groups of children sitting outside in the recent sunshine sharing stories with each other and staff.

" One class have been using it as an extension to their classroom and have been taking their school work outside to complete - which makes a nice change when you can do this with fresh air and sunshine."

Pupils together with former pupils raised funds to buy other equipment to use in this area.

But the school is reluctant to use it because of threat of vandalism or theft.

As well as the upset caused, Mrs Belfield says the school is concerned about the safety of the young people who are committing the acts of vandalism.

She said "It is very dangerous to be climbing on the school roof and we would very much hate for someone to get injured. Our visitors returned putting children’s play sand from Early Years onto the roof, the tyres from Early Years on the roof ­— not sure how but they did­— and other objects that they had found in our Early Years outdoor play area.

"This behaviour is putting the young people involved in danger and it is also upsetting for our school family.

"We would urge the community to contact 101 if they witness any young people on the school premises."