THE FIRE service have warned people not to have barbecues or start a campfire in areas of moorland after they tackled a 2,500 square metre grass fire in Greater Manchester.

In 2018 crews battled a fire on Winter Hill which devastated the moorland there.

On Sunday firefighters spent three hours tackling a 2,500 square metre grass fire near Carrbrook, Stalybridge.

As the city-region enjoys warmer weather, the incident led to renewed warnings not to start fires in moorland areas.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have released advice on how people can enjoy the countryside safely.

This includes not using a barbecue on the moors or in the countryside, extinguishing cigarettes and other smoking materials properly. and not laving bottles or glass in woodlands which can pose a fire risk.

They urge people to report fires immediately.

Earlier this month a study showed that the 2018 Winter Hill fire contributed to climate change by releasing an estimated 25,556 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.