A COUNCILLOR says a woman in her ward “stayed in her front room all night” due to fears of thieves.

There has been a spate of anti-social behaviour in Farnworth and Harper Green in recent weeks.

And the recent trend of stealing catalytic converters appears to have arrived in the area.

On Monday, June 7, three men were spotted on the Flower Estate in Farnworth - firstly in Pansy Road and then in Lupin Avenue.

The men were seen to be looking at several vehicles in driveways and parked on the roadside - with each using a torch to get down on their knees for a better look.

Other areas in Bolton, notably Breightmet, have seen an increase in catalytic converter thefts in recent weeks.

The costly metals can sell for hundreds of pounds, making them a lucrative product on the black market.

Ward councillor Sue Haworth said: “People say they think they were looking for catalytic converters which have a good value for sale and that this is what criminals are doing in other parts of the Bolton borough at the moment.

“I am grateful that residents rang me so that I could get an alert out to local people in this area that men are out in the night with torches checking out people cars and vehicles.

“This is causing distress to residents and one lady stayed up in her front room all night, fearful of theft and any altercation that may occur with people at her property.”

Cllr Haworth added that she believed only “the full force of the law” was the appropriate response to the thieves.

She said: “Residents here are demanding an effective police response to this. I agree with everyone that the full force of the law is the only response to people who brazenly enter other people’s property with intent to rob.”

Local councillors often encourage residents to report offences to police, which can be done by calling 101 or visiting Greater Manchester Police’s website.