RESIDENTS in a Bolton district town will soon have to travel further to collect deliveries, it has been revealed.

People in Farnworth and Harper Green have received notifications from Royal Mail, informing them that if they want to use a delivery office to collect their post themselves, that they have received a Royal Mail red card about, they will soon need to travel to the Horwich delivery office at Northgate Close.

Cllr Sue Haworth, who represents Harper Green ward, said: "Royal Mail should think again about delivery office access for residents in Farnworth.

"For residents not using their own vehicles this is considerably more difficult than using Calvin Street, Bolton delivery office on two fronts.

"Getting to the Horwich delivery office looks to most people twice as far as the crow flies than their journey to Calvin Street."

Cllr Haworth says that some people like to collect their parcels and post them themselves from the delivery office - because they don’t like to have items redelivered - as they may wait days and lack confidence that it will arrive when they are at home."

She added: "There is a regular bus service along Chorley New Road. However, the direct route on foot is a long path down the side of Chorley New Road primary school and not everyone feels safe on these secluded paths.

"There are people who prefer to walk on main streets when they are on their own. Getting to Calvin Street delivery office on foot is walkable from Bolton town centre and the routes are main footpaths such as via Waterloo Street.

"Less people in Farnworth have regular access to their own vehicles for making a trip to Horwich to use the postal delivery office there. Royal Mail should review which parts of the borough can use the Calvin Street delivery office to collect parcels and post and which parts of the Borough are required to use Horwich."

Royal Mail did not respond to a request for comment from The Bolton News.