TENANTS of an estate near Radcliffe are furious over a serious rents hike - and have enlisted the support of TV star Gemma Atkinson.

The former Hollyoaks actress, who lived locally, has urged her fans to support estate residents as they battle rent increases of up to £230.

Residents have also secured the assistance of council leader Cllr Eamonn O'Brien and deputy council leader Cllr Tamoor Tariq, who represents Redvales, as they lobby landlord Revive.

Gemma, who has posted a link to a petition on her Instagram page, said: "The community has really come together."

Debbie Bennett, 51, has lived on Redvales for over 25 years and were given four weeks notice.

Debbie said: "It's scandalous that they are doing this at the end of the pandemic when so many people are struggling financially.

"This estate is a very close community, and Revive have said they're doing this to improve the houses and build a better community.

"But that just isn't true because we have done that because we have spent our own money on these properties, improved them ourselves, and that is why Revive can now value their properties so high."

Debbie approached Cllr Tariq, who spoke to residents last night. They are also thinking of getting Metro Mayor Andy Burnham involved.

Cllr Tariq said: "My reaction to this is one of anger and frustration on behalf of the residents.

"Revive has gone about this entirely wrong and as new landlords, they should have taken more time to get to know the residents.

"It's a very tight-knit community. Revive are obviously more focused on profit than people and we're urging them to reverse their decision so that hopefully we can reach an agreement."

A Revive spokesman said: "Following the recent acquisition of the Redvales development in Bury, we have taken the decision to review the Assured Tenancy and Assured Shorthold Tenancy rental prices, as they currently fall below Local Housing Allowance rates.

"The rental increases will impact around 70 per cent of properties and will ensure they are now both fully in line and in most cases below private rental market rates on equivalent size properties locally.

"They are needed to help fund the significant levels of safety compliancy, refurbishment and repair work desperately required to upgrade the properties to the highest possible standard, after a sustained period of under-investment prior to our ownership.

"We also aim to invest around £4.1m to both fund and accelerate the upgrading of the housing stock at the Redvales development in the next five years, to transform it into a thriving community where families are proud to live and call home.

"As a professional landlord, we are committed to providing residents with excellent levels of property management, maintenance and customer service and have a local dedicated team responding to any enquiries at Redvales.

"If any residents are concerned about the rental increase or would like to learn more about our future plans, we invite them to contact us directly to discuss their individual circumstances.”