PLANS have been lodged to demolish buildings damaged in a massive fire and build new industrial units to replace them.

The plans for a block at Westhoughton Industrial Estate, James Street refer to the premises of PK Shutters, which were affected beyond salvage by last June’s fire, which led to a huge fire and rescue response from throughout the region.

They currently have a temporary building to enable the business to continue on a limited basis while awaiting for approval.

A statement in support of the demolition and rebuild, said: “The erection of the proposed building to house units for storage, distribution and light industrial usage including 17 car park spaces.

“The existing two buildings on this site has had severe structural damage due to a fire in the adjoining units, the remaining structures of both buildings are not salvageable and have been deemed unsafe by the building inspector.

“These buildings are no longer in use because of the fire damage.

“The owner is hoping that the proposed scheme will be approved to get back to business as even though they have a temporary building it is only running a limited percentage of the businesses potential and previous capabilities.

“The proposed scheme has been put forward to replace the existing unusable buildings and to alleviate the positioning of the buildings and to create clear separation from neighbouring buildings to prevent such disastrous incidents to occur again.”

On June 9, 2020, fire fighters were called out to the blaze just after 7.40pm.

At its height 12 fire engines from across Greater Manchester, with support from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, were on the scene fighting the flames.

The fire covered an area 70-by-80 metres and had spread from a car repair shop to storage units.

The application added that another business affected by the blaze, BL5 Selfstore Ltd has completely ceasing trading.

The application, states: “The proposed units are reduced in size in comparison to the existing however they have been split into additional units.

“Unfortunately BL5 Self store Ltd has ceased trading due to the fire and will not be reinstated, however PK Shutters will occupy the proposed 6, 7, and 8 units with the remaining units to be let out to other businesses.

“With the increase in individual units this would create and increased employment within this area than previously capable.”

Bolton planners will decide on the application in due course.