The Doctor had a day out in Bolton yesterday.

Christopher Eccleston, 57, who played the ninth incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who, in 2005 posted on his Instagram page his day out in Bolton with his mum Elsie and friend Gary.

He posted a picture outside the iconic Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Churchgate as well as a video inside the much loved Olympus chippy off Great Moor Street.

Outside the oldest pub in Bolton ­— and one of the oldest in the UK ­— he posted: "Ye olde man and ye olde man and scythe."

At Olympus, enjoying a chippy tea with his mum and pal, he said: "Olympus Fish and Chip shop, in Bolton.


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"The poshest fish and chip shop I've ever been to. There's a piano ­— enjoy."

Christopher is also set to star in a BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist in the coming months, playing criminal organiser Fagin in the series, which is titled Dodger.

Shameless star David Threlfall will play chief of police Sir Charles Rowan in the 10-part family drama, while Billy Jenkins and Saira Choudhry will also feature.

The series, which will appear on CBBC and BBC iPlayer, has been written by Rhys Thomas and Lucy Montgomery, while Charlie Higson has also guest-written an episode.

The programme will air later this year.

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