A FARNWORTH resident has been left angry and bemused after an unknown person threw paint stripper over their car.

A resident of Kildare Street, Farnworth said they woke yesterday morning to find the varnish all over the front bonnet and back end of the roof of their Mercedes car parked on the street.

They have no idea when the vandalism might have happened and are urgently appealing for witnesses from the street or elsewhere as to who might have done this.

The residents brother-in-law, who also asked not to be named, said: "We are looking for any information of sightings or such as we have no idea who or why such an attack would happen.

The Bolton News: Paint stripper poured over a Mercedes on Kildare Street, FarnworthPaint stripper poured over a Mercedes on Kildare Street, Farnworth

"Kildare Street is a lovely quiet street and for this to happen for absolutely no reason has completely devastated my brother-in-law and my sister.

"Any help or information from local residents who might have seen something would be very helpful."

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