A PROPERTY funding firm has given a cash boost to Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

Bosses at PMJ Capital have handed over £4,000 plus to the Spa Road outfit from transactions in March and April.

Firm director Lee Barton said: "We have worked with the club for a number of years,.

"But over the past few months we were made aware of the terrible struggle that families in the town have faced during the national lockdown.

“The work the club undertakes is incredible in supporting young people and their families in not only reaching their full potential but ensuring that they are given support when its required."

Laura Pendlebury, the club's relationship manager thanked PMJ for their generosity.

She added: "“During lockdown poverty increased tenfold, and our families who were struggling even before the pandemic, simply were in a state of emergency."

The club has pledged to provide 115 hot lunches daily and 250 aid parcels weekly.

She added: "More families than ever are living in poverty in Bolton with so many of these children who have fallen short of government support, they are from families who, in normal circumstances, work and earn enough to get by but the pandemic has left them in hard times.