We would like to address certain myths that have arisen locally regarding our vision for Hulton Park.

Firstly, the notion that our aim to host The Ryder Cup is in some way insincere or unrealistic is untrue.

Throughout its history Peel has delivered many ambitious plans. We have put considerable time, effort and resource into our proposal to host one of the world’s greatest sporting events here in 2031 or 2035. We believe in Bolton, and in its potential.

The prospect of The Ryder Cup in Bolton is real and can be an ‘Olympic moment’ with a positive and lasting legacy for local people, including a thousand jobs and a lasting legacy for the community.

There is a precedent for the Ryder Cup to be awarded to venues that have not yet been built and Hulton Park has now been shortlisted by UK Sport and Ryder Cup Europe.

From our perspective, the question is not why would The Ryder Cup come to Bolton, but why would it not?

To address a rumour currently abounding on social media, we will not be building 2,700 homes at Hulton Park. We are still working on the proposals, but the figure is likely to be around half of that.

In terms of ecology, the Government’s own inquiry found that the previous proposals would result in a substantial benefit and gain in biodiversity.

This is something we intend to enhance further with these refreshed proposals. We are also looking to enhancing the proposed transport infrastructure, access to the Parkland and the proposed community facilities, beyond what has already been approved.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation which we extended by a week to ensure that everyone can have their say.

Richard Knight

Director of Land and Communities, Peel L&P