A FORMER multi-storey car park in Bolton could become home to an ambitious homes and retail complex.

Blueprints have been lodged with the borough council to convert the disused car park in Crown Street for 116 homes and three new shops.

And in a nod to a scheme in Bordeaux, the top level of the multi-storey would boast 18 townhouses and gardens for the remaining tenants.

Wright Investments and Queensbridge Homes are behind the project, which they say will blend in with the former cotton mill architecture dotted around Bolton town centre.

Planning agent Max Jones said: "Our design process stemmed from the glass atrium concept, which is our proven solution to a lack of natural light.

"Due to the property being surrounded by Bolton's town centre conservation areas, we visualise the structure blending in and enhancing the area.

"Our vision will be achieved by a historic cotton mill inspired façade, a stunning glass atrium combining history with a modern twist."

Ninety-three car parking spaces would be retained for the new arrivals, with the retail units all envisaged for the ground floor level.

The developers say that their designs have been configured to allow the building's existing tenant Splash Academy, to continue their operation unhindered.

Mr Jones added: "The roof area will provide green space with potential for planting of trees etc, exclusively for residents use.

"Landscaping will also be implemented at ground floor level within the building."

The developers admit that one of the main difficulties in formulating their proposals was the split-level nature of the multi-storey car park.

But architects have engineered a glass atrium in the centre, giving apartment access to natural light. Some of the lower level parking will be retained for tenants and shop customers.