POSTS separating cycle lanes from traffic on Chorley New Road, which were temporarily removed for Ironman, will not be reinstated until the outcome of the Active Travel Consultation is finalised.

The council have made the decision to avoid any unnecessary expenditure should they decide not to make them a permanent fixture.

The cycle lane wand orcas - vertical polls segregating the cycle lane from the traffic - on the A673 Chorley New Road were removed ahead of Ironman taking place.

With Chorley New Road being part of the triathlon route, their removal was to allow for enhanced social distancing and for the safety of the athletes.

The wand orcas were implemented on Chorley New Road earlier this year as part of the Covid-19 Emergency Active Travel Fund programme.

Public consultation has been carried out on whether or not to make the scheme permanent and feedback is currently being evaluated before a report is presented for a formal decision by the council.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Stuart Haslam, said: “The council is in agreement that it would be a waste of public funds to reinstate the wands in advance of a consultation decision being made.

“This is not a reflection of the consultation findings, it’s simply a practical and financial decision.”