THE owner of a horse who required emergency surgery after a "nasty field accident" is pleading with the public to help raise funds for her "best friend".

Alice, a 14-year-old part-bred Arab pony, was found injured in a field at Hooper Green Stables on June 15.

This resulted in emergency surgery at Leahurst Equine Hospital were she had her tendon sheath flushed due to an infection.

She also fractured both splint bones - fragments were removed and she also had a haematoma.

She then spent 10 days in hospital on antibiotic infusions into the affected leg, before being discharged with a strict veterinary care plan.

Owner Lianne Curbishley, 40, from Westhoughton, said: "We are insured but at this point we have used up the balance in full, which may compromise her recovery process if we can't keep up her care.

"We covered her with a cost we thought was enough but unfortunately it was not.

"Alice is a much loved pony by all that know her she's the sweetest girl to have around.

"I have chronic anxiety, and Alice is my therapy - she's my best friend.

"Asking the public for help is something we thought we wouldn't ever have to do - but for the love of our Alice we've put our pride aside and asked for help."

Ms Curbishley, a nail technician, says she and her friends have also taken to selling old and unwanted items in order to raise funds.

Alice is still at risk of infection due to the tendon sheath not being sealed - as there was not enough surrounding skin to cover it up.

She will require regular vet visits every three to five days, bandage changes, and constant checks for any deterioration in her tendon region.

Her prognosis is a 75 per cent chance of full recovery with the aftercare, but a 25 per cent chance of gaining an infection and deteriorating,

Lianne added: "It's a chance I think she deserves. She's come so far with the help of friends, Leahurst and Gillivers vets who have been amazing throughout her journey to recovery - we just want her to reach the finish line."

£260 has already been raised by 13 donors on the GoFundMe page, which can be found here.