May I thank Bolton West MP Chris Green for taking the time and care to save my daughter from the considerable distress caused by a problem she was having with a company providing her with gas/electric which she could not get resolved.

It only took one letter on her behalf from Chris Green where it had taken me several months to get nowhere. I was amazed at how efficient his office was in dealing with the matter. My daughter and I are so grateful that he took the matter up so promptly. I normally write to him complaining about various things nationally.

Chris Green obviously realises that what affects his constituents directly is what really matters to them; as he said, if he can take the worry off their shoulders then he’s more than happy to do it. It’s the little things that can cause so much stress in people’s lives. A very very big thank you once again.

Bolton is lucky to have three excellent MPs as there are lots of things wrong with Bolton. I can only hope that these MPs work together to make things better for the town overall especially over a direct link to London. Come on let’s have a concerted effort. Three is better than one!

Ian Greenhalgh