How would you like to meet celebrities at your day job?

For one hair transplant surgeon, Dr Matee, this is a regular occurrence.

Currently, he has two clinics in operation one of which is based Salford and the other in Kent.

During his 10 year career, he has developed a sterling reputation and his very own hair transplant technique- both of which have made him well-known in celebrity circles.

Dr Matee said: “Many years ago, I was asked by a colleague in Harley Street London to assist in providing local anaesthesia during a ‘difficult’ hair transplant operation.

“I have always been fascinated by surgery and how it can be used to improve people’s lives, confidence and appearances.

“Ever since that first experience, my interest in hair transplant surgery has become a passion and I love every aspect of it.”

Dr Matee added: “People want a strong Hollywood hairline- and a lot of the people we treat are in their 20s or 30s."

Many North West celebrities have come to him for treatment, including Blackpool’s Dan Whiston and former Blackburn Rovers footballer Tommy Spurr.

The Bolton News: Tommy Spurr before and after a hair transplantTommy Spurr before and after a hair transplant

Dr Matee insists that he has never been star struck- but understands that there is an “added pressure” associated with famous faces in the public eye.

He added: “We go above and beyond for all of our patients but with celebrity patients there's always that added pressure of them being under constant limelight and in the public eye.

“Often, they have particular requests for hairline designs to suit their line of work. This can vary from TV personalities, actors, pop stars, sports stars, social media influencers and even royal family members.

“However, everyone gets the same treatment- whether they are a celebrity or a regular patient.”

Recalling Tommy Spur’s hair restoration, Sr Matee said: “He came with a colleague

“It was a very straightforward  FUE hair transplant procedure and he got amazing results.”

Blackpool’s Dan Whiston, best known as a professional skater,  also received an FUE hair transplant back in 2018.

The Bolton News: Dan Whiston's before and afterDan Whiston's before and after

Reviewing the procedure, he said: “I’m really happy look at this! I’ve got a fringe, it’s working!”

Other famous names across the UK have alo recieved a hair transplant from Dr Matee, including Joe Swash, Jake Quickenden and Gareth Gates to name a few. 

Bradford-born Gareth Gates said: “Thank you to everyone at KSL for my hair treatment. They’re incredible. Anyone thinking about having FUE done, go to KSL!

“I’d urge anyone who lacks confidence because of their hair, hairline or thinning as you get older to head down to KSL!”

Despite the stereotype, it isn’t just men or people losing their hair that come to the clinic.

Dr Matee has had many female clients too who are hoping for a restored hairline or even an eyebrow transplant.

Former glamour model and reality star Katie Price went to his clinic for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment.

The Bolton News: Katie Price getting PRP treatmentKatie Price getting PRP treatment

This treatment injects blood from other areas of the scalp to stimulate hair growth, after years of using hair extensions coupled with stress left her with bald patches.

Bianca Gascoigne ad the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) eyebrow transplant which harvests hair from the back and sides of the head and transplants the hairs into the eyebrows.

Bianca wanted to undo the damage she did when she was younger by overplucking her eyebrows.

Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle also paid a trip to the clinic for a beard transplant.

Dr Matee explained: “Beard and eyebrows were very rare previously- now we’re getting two or three each month.”

While you might see celebrities showcasing their hair transplants, Dr Matee insists that they are also for the ‘regular’ person.

He explained: “They use to be procedures that only celebrities could afford- now we have payment plans which allows people to save up.

“I had mine 18 months ago and it completely changes the way you feel about yourself.

However, he does have a warning for anyone before they decide to get the procedure for themselves.

“You can have an idea of what you want after seeing it on a sportsperson or celebrity”, he explained.

“But be aware that it isn’t necessarily going to look the same on you… your expectations should be realistic.”

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