A THUG who hurled a glass at a woman’s head in a Bolton nightclub, badly cutting her, has been jailed for eight years and six months.

At Bolton Crown Court violent Cameron Jones admitting causing grievous bodily harm and involvement in a separate major drugs conspiracy.

At an earlier hearing Philip Barnes, prosecuting told how the victim, Alexandra Lowrey and her friends Natasha Eckersley and Tara Smith had gone to Bolton town centre for a night out on May 29, 2019.

After visiting one pub they ended up at the Shots bar on Bradshawgate where they ordered drinks and headed for the dance floor.

Mr Barnes told how, as they danced, another woman, who appeared to be drunk, kept bumping into them and apologised.

“Miss Lowrey and her friends were unconcerned, and told the unknown female that it did not matter, but to avoid any hint of trouble, Miss Lowrey and her group moved to a different part of the bar,” said Mr Barnes .

The court heard that the woman, who appeared to be with Jones and another man, came up to them again and Miss Lowrey gave her a hug to reassure her there was no ill-feeling.

But as they were talking Miss Eckersley noticed Jones glaring at her friend and he began to walk towards them several times before appearing to think better of it and backing away.

“Having done that several times, the defendant then stepped forward one final time, emptied the contents of his glass, a small tumbler, onto the floor and then brought his arm back and threw the glass itself at the back of Miss Lowrey’s head with significant power from a distance of around six feet,” said Mr Barnes.

Jones then lunged towards her but was restrained by others and it was only afterwards that Miss Lowrey realised she was bleeding.

Her boyfriend took her to the Royal Bolton Hospital where glass was removed from the 3.5cm gash and it was closed with five stitches.

Jones, when arrested for the offence stated, “There was an explanation for that”, but refused to make any further comment when interviewed.

Jones, aged 22, of Ormskirk Road, Wigan, pleaded guilty to intentionally causing grievous bodily harm.

Sentencing him, the Honorary Recorder of Bolton , Judge Martin Walsh told him: "The consequences of your deliberate actions could have been far worse. The attack has had a continuing psychological impact upon the complainant."

Along with four others, Jones admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to possess the proceeds of drug trafficking.

The court heard how Jones' involvement in the Wigan-based drugs conspiracy came to light due to surveillance as part of Operation Billabong, carried out by Greater Manchester Police's serious and organised crime group.

Between October 2018 and November 2019 Jones, and his accomplices conspired to distribute drugs in Greater Manchester.

A cannabis farm, producing up to £68,000 worth of the drug was discovered at a house in Church Street, Wigan while a property at Leader Street was used to process and pack cocaine into 1kg blocks before it was stored at Wigan Auction House prior to being distributed to other dealers.

Sentencing each of the men to lengthy prison terms, the Honorary Recorder of Bolton said that the financial returns from the enterprise had been "considerable" involving expensive watches and the leasing of luxury cars.

"It is likely that others involved in the conspiracy, certainly at a higher level than each of you, were resident in Dubai," said Judge Walsh.