A COMPANY boss has praised firefighters who tackled a blaze at industrial units in Kearsley.

Six fire engines initially went to the site, off Stoneclough Road, as the fire took hold of the building.

Emergency services initially closed off the main road in both directions and neighbours were urged to ensure their doors and windows remained closed.

Firefighters managed to bring the blaze under control within a couple of hours and Alex Wheeldon, who works at a nearby transport firm, was grateful for their swift actions.

Mr Wheeldon had been in his office when he first noticed smoke coming from the door.

He told The Bolton News: “I opened the door and it was like someone had turned off the light, there was so much smoke.

“It was like Ninja Warrior trying to get out of the unit, it was just black.

“I got out and saw a fire on the roof, that had come from the unit next door. I grabbed our jet washer and started spraying at the fire.

“We’d just got some new trucks in and I was keeping the fire way from them with the jet wash.

“Some of the burning roof fell on to some parts near the office but thankfully not too much is damaged.

“It was all absolutely crazy, it was mad how much smoke there was when I opened the office door to get out.”

And as he attempted to safeguard his own premises he was given ready assistance by firefighters.

Mr Wheeldon added: “The fireman got here so quickly. Basically by the time I was out and spraying the roof they arrived.

“They gave me a breathing mask so I could keep spraying. They were stood on the roof tackling the fire, they were great.”

An investigation into the cause of the incident was ongoing as The Bolton News went to press last night.

The main road was later reopened to traffic.