A LITTER picking group has launched a new crusade to highlight contaminated bins.

While recycling is at the forefront of a greener lifestyle, encouraged by many different groups and bodies, the practice is not adhered to by many people.

Litter picking groups across Bolton cite hundreds of cases where bins are contaminated with the wrong waste - making the recycling process harder of impossible.

One litter picker, Andy Capstick, a member of Astley Bridge Litter Picking group, said any given Bolton alley will throw up several bins where homeowners have put waste in the incorrect bins.

And there are very often no repercussions for offenders, meaning that people will still carry on cross-contaminating their waste.

He said: “If you go into any Bolton back street, you will find the wrong waste in the wrong bins. People just don’t recycle properly - they don’t separate their rubbish and often just dump it all into one bin.

“Some people will just nick bins and fill it with any old rubbish. The council has put letters out saying that some waste is being recycled but it just isn’t enough.”

A group has recently been set up on Facebook to address the issue, called ‘Contaminated Bins of Bolton’ - which is full of images of overflowing bins and misplaced waste.

Andy thinks that a lot of the problem may come down to miscommunication - especially with social tenants.

He added: “If someone is just put in a house, they may not think about the meaning of the bins and just put their rubbish in any old one.

“So much of what we throw away can be recycled. I was out the other day and came across things like bottles and cans, but clothes, toys and household things too.

“All of these can be taken to charity shops or re-used, but people choose not to recycle and it is terrible for Bolton’s rivers and streets.”