A FUNDRAISER has been set up for a care home worker by her colleagues after she was diagnosed with bone cancer, liver cancer and leukaemia.

Zoe Lester, from Farnworth, previously fought breast cancer in 2014 but received the latest diagnosis in early 2020.

The 48-year-old has worked at Walkden Manor Care Home since 2009 and when staff found out about her illness they rallied round to support her.

Close friend and colleague Julie Mather set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to help with things like bills and rent as Zoe is currently off work.

When she found out about the fundraiser she was taken aback and didn't believe that she deserved the money.

Zoe said: "I didn't know they were doing it, I was actually at The Christie when I found out.

"For me it's just another cancer that I've had to deal with, but obviously it was so nice of them to do it.

"It makes a huge difference and it goes to show how many people care.

"The support has been amazing, I'm still here to tell the tale, if it gives hope to other people then I'll share my story.

"When I first had cancer in 2014 it was difficult to find out what financial support was available.

"What Julie's done is absolutely amazing, it's a really nice gesture."

Zoe began feeling unwell at Christmas time in 2019.

She said: "I ached all over and I was really tired, but I put it down to long shifts.

"I waited several weeks but the pain was so intense and I struggled to breathe.

"They did x-rays and took me to the breast unit - at this point I was in panic mode.

"I was then referred and had a bone scan and an MRI which revealed I have bone cancer and it had spread to my liver.

"I began treatment but I love my job so much I kept on working despite the pain – then I had to start shielding.

"There were some complications with an infections and about a month ago they couldn’t work out what was going on. I ended up with nine drips and had sepsis.

"I dropped to six-and-a-half stone, but by the grace of God overnight they managed to sort my bloods out so they could treat the leukaemia. I’m back up to eight stone now."

With treatment going well so far, Zoe is looking forward to some good news this summer.

She added: "I'm expecting my first grandchild in August which is so exciting, I've already got a step-granddaughter but this will be the first of my 'own'.

"I just can't wait to get working again, I miss everyone so much."

Julie added: “At the moment she’s not working and we wanted to do something to help take the pressure off with bills and rent.

“She’s dedicated her life to helping others and looking after people, it’s time that we helped her.

“She loves work and we all miss her very much.”

You can donate to the page by clicking here.