A LITTER picker has raised concerns over vandalism at a former residential building in Halliwell due to fears that there is asbestos at the site.

Council-owned Darley Court has been boarded up for several weeks but debris from the building has been spotted on the green next to it.

Officials from Bolton Council have said they are now making the building, which faces St Joseph’s RC Primary School, more secure.

Litter picker Gwyneth Bailey said: “I collect litter in the area quite regularly and I’ve noticed debris from the building being left in the area, there’s been chairs, bits of equipment and pipes covered in lagging which could be asbestos.

“I’m worried that any children in the area could pick these items up, and if they do contain asbestos then there’s a huge health risk there.

“My father died of mesothelioma so I’m very wary when it comes to building materials.

“Even a small amount of exposure can be dangerous.

“I’ve not touched any of the items myself in case there is a risk.

“The building has been boarded up for a while now but I think teenagers are breaking in and ripping up the inside.

“They’re quite small buildings, hidden by trees, so it would be easy for them to access them and for people not to notice.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said:“We are aware of an incident at Darley Court over the weekend during which individuals gained access and caused damage to the building.

“A full security review is now underway, and measures will be taken to make the building more secure.

“Any debris left in the area will be cleared away as soon as possible.”