An urban explorer took an eerie look inside a former lap-dancing club and joining bars last month.

Daniel Sims, 32, from Huddersfield, went through Diamonds strip-club and Nichola’s bar on Manor Street, both of which closed a number of years ago, uploading the look around the abandoned site to his YouTube channel, BeardedReality.

He was given a tip-off by another member of the urban exploring community that an entrance had been left open to the site around the back, from Brown Street, giving him the chance to explore the inside.

He said: “A friend of mine told me about the place and the entranceway, it’s a fairly well known place to explore in the urban explorer community.

The Bolton News: BeardedReality inside Diamonds strip club, BoltonBeardedReality inside Diamonds strip club, Bolton

“It was a very surprising place to explore. It was hard to even know where you are as you walk through as it’s all connected.

“You could tell there had been people in there recently and who had smashed one of the walls down with a hammer.

“There were still all the original pictures of the women in Diamonds and a lot of signs obviously from its day had been left untouched. It was definitely a unique place to explore.

The Bolton News: Nicholas Bar (Image: BeardedReality)Nicholas Bar (Image: BeardedReality)

“It felt pretty untouched but you could definitely tell that people had been living there at some point.

“The feedback I’ve got from people has been really nice for this video mostly.

“Filming is my main passion which is why I do urban exploring but to see local people commenting on this video saying they remember it well and recounting nights they had in the bars has been really nice.

The Bolton News: Inside Diamonds strip-club (Image: BeardedReality)Inside Diamonds strip-club (Image: BeardedReality)

“The strangest thing was I came back a week or so later after recording the first video and loads of the pictures of the women had been taken.”

BeardedReality is set to release a video exploring Egerton House Hotel, in Egerton, on his channel soon, where an investigation into a skull being found by paranormal explorers is ongoing.

Watch the full video here