Nightclub bosses in Bolton breathed a sigh of relief last night as they were finally allowed to open their doors to dancers again.

The coming of ‘freedom day’ - the dropping of nearly all legal coronavirus restrictions on July 19 - meant clubs could open again for the first time since March 2020.

Nightclubs are not required to enforce any social distancing rules, mask wearing or Covid tests. But the government is urging clubs to use Covid-status certification - asking people to prove they are double vaccinated or have had a negative Covid test.

Many in Bolton took full advantage of this, opening their doors to dropped restrictions on the stroke of midnight.

One of these was Level nightclub in Nelson Square, the biggest club in the town, which was packed for what it promised would be one of its biggest nights ever.

Pictures on their Instagram page showed dancers across its four floors until right into the early hours.

While other clubs in Nelson Square, including new establishment Truth, are waiting until the weekend to reopen, many other in Bradshawgate also welcomed back punters.

Luxe Lounge, opened during the pandemic was delighted to have people back ordering from the bar.

Staff at Luxe had said they would not ask people for Covid certificates or to wear a mask at any point.

They said: “You will not need a Covid passport and it’s up to you if you wish to wear a face mask...let’s party like we are meant to.”

The bar opened from 10pm on Sunday, meaning visitors had a two-hour wait before being able to enjoy themselves restriction free.

Just after midnight staff posted on their Facebook page “order at that bar guys,” as people walked freely around the dancefloor with no masks.

The team at Shots Bar Club, a long-running establishment in Bradshawgate, were also delighted to welcome back their customers. The bar had also opened their doors at the stroke of midnight.

Staff fired off a confetti cannon to mark the highly awaited monent they could finally open their doors again.