The owner of a late night bar in the town centre has pleaded with government to continue supporting hospitality for clarity and flexibility over vaccination certification rules.

Vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi announced on Monday that from September vaccination proof would be a condition of entry to venues.

This was after venues had already welcomed back dancers without vaccination proof in the early hours.

Mr Zahawi urged businesses to “use the NHS Covid pass in the weeks ahead”, adding: “We will be keeping a close watch on how it is used by venues and reserve the right to mandate if necessary.”

He added: “So at that point we plan to make full vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather. Proof of a negative test will no longer be sufficient.”

John Wray, who owns The Venue bar in Churchgate, said if handled correctly the idea of vaccine passports could be a positive but that venues must be supported with this and given flexibility.

He said: “If it means we will be able to trade through the winter and it’s easy to use we’ve got to accept it as a way forward. Because the worst thing that can happen is to have a stop start winter like we had over the last 18 months.

“If it can be done in a way that is easy to manage and operate then it could be a positive, but I stress it only could.

“Because there are people out there who can’t get the jab and the last thing you want to do is exclude them and make some sort of two tiered system.

“We wouldn’t want to refuse entry to anyone because we want to welcome absolutely everyone with us.

“I would definitely prefer if it were not necessary but if it’s done with clarity and flexibility it could have a chance.

“Although the timing of the announcement seemed very strange with clubs having just opened on the premise they wouldn’t be needed which seems a little harsh because now they’ve got to do all the planning to put that in place.

“It also shouldn’t be made to feel like venues are being watched by the government, they need to be supporting not negative to help businesses back onto their feet.

“And if the government is going to put these sorts of barriers in the way they need to provide full financial support past the end of the furlough scheme in September.

“But if done correctly then it could be a positive and give people reassurance to go out again.”

There was some confusion before nightclubs open if people would have to show a negative test result or a vaccination certificate,

But bosses at Level nightclub in Nelson Square made it clear that: “Guests will not be asked to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test on entry. But if you are feeling unwell or display Covid symptoms we ask you not to attend.”

Staff at nearby Truth Nightclub encouraged people to get vaccines so their fun wouldn’t be disrupted in a social media post: "By the end of September you will need to have had both jabs to enter nightclubs so if you haven’t booked your jabs get to it asap. Help keep everyone safe and partying.”