A BOLTON fashion tsar has called on the government to take on limited companies who deceive customers.

Entrepreneur Asad Shamim, who runs Bolton-based Furniture In Fashion, has had problems with companies in the past during construction projects.

This has included building projects going hundreds of thousands over budget, as Mr Shamim has to hire new people following problems with initial contractors

Following his experiences, Mr Shamim is now calling on the government to crack down on fraudsters who abuse the powers that come with limited companies.

Many rogue businessmen and woman regularly liquidate and re-start new business, in order to gain financial benefits.

And Mr Shamim believes that the government must do more to stop them and ultimately, save money for the taxpayer.

He said: “There are obviously many cases where companies go under but there are many who will use it to their advantage.

“People will open and close businesses and hide behind them, with no stringent laws to protect customers from their actions.

“They will open and close companies to avoid tax. There is a lot of tax evasion at the minute.

“A lot of people are being investigated for abusing the furlough scheme - they need to start investigating companies for different types of fraud.”

Mr Shamim said new laws and stronger regulations on people who regularly start and close companies could save money for everyone.

He added: “The government really needs to start looking at it and making stronger regulations - on company law, insolvency practices and measures at stopping these people.

“They could look at introducing a minimum amount of time between a a company director closing and starting a new firm.

“It is public money that is being abused and new laws would benefit the taxpayer ultimately.

“It benefits the government too, as that tax money could be going to all sorts of government departments and projects.”

The government’s official website currently offers advice to citizens on how they can report offences to the appropriate bodies.

For more information, visit gov.uk/complain-company