A FORMER RAF serviceman died after falling down the stairs in his home, an inquest was told.

Bolton Coroners Court heard Stuart Gill had made his wife a cup of tea which he was bringing upstairs when the fall happened on March 1.

An ambulance attended his home in Westhoughton and he was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, then transferred to Salford Royal Hospital where the 60-year-old was treated for a blood clot in the brain caused by the fall.

An operation was successful but his condition deteriorated due to the extent of time he was unconscious and he received palliative care before he died on March 6.

Mr Gill’s wife Janet said he had served in the RAF, touring Northern Ireland and was "incredibly hardworking".

She said his service had taken a toll on him and he had taken to drinking to help him sleep. But he was never physically dependant on it.

Mr Gill had a number of health issues including varicose veins in his oesophagus and liver cirrhosis.

Dr Kate Bailey, an intensive care consultant at Salford, gave the medical cause of death as a blood clot on the brain, with an underlying cause of scarring of the liver.

Police coroner's officer Stefan Wilson confirmed that there was no third party involvement.

Assistant coroner for Manchester West Stephen Teasdale, who recorded a conclusion of 'accidental death' told the court: "We do not realise that those who serve the country have to pay the price."