A FRIENDS group has cleared a neglected silt trap in a Bolton park after waste accumulated in it over three years.

Volunteers at Seven Acres Country Park got their hands dirty for hours last week to clear the decades-old silt traps, which protect the park’s lodge.

The traps are usually cleared every year, but has not been touched for three years.

A trap helps prevent any kind of silt, soil or sediment from entering a waterway or system.

And the friends group was more than keen to help protect the water feature.

Chairman Alun Morris said: “It has been around three years since we did it last - obviously last year because of Covid but I am not sure why we did not do it for the couple of years before that.

“Silt traps by the lodges are there to trap any of the silt or dirt that has run from the culverts before it gets away.

“It’s an easy way of managing the water and keeping the silt clear- they are a very important way of protecting the lodges in the park.”

The lodge and silt traps have been in operation for years, running through the parks to old factories in decades gone-by.

The group also cleared 10 bags worth of litter from the park’s stream during a busy day, including a suitcase and a bin.

The removal of the waste and litter allows for an unobstructed stream and path, oxygenating the water as it runs over the weir before entering the lodge.

Alun added: “It’s important to stay on top of the traps to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“We were out in the park for five hours or so and it was a fun task for us - we want to do what we can to keep the park as best as we can.”

For more information on the group go their Facebook page.