MORE than 200 care home residents died with coronavirus in Bolton, a new report reveals.

The tragic death toll has been revealed by the health watchdog Care Quality Commission (CQC) in a report which details the number of Covid related deaths in every care home in the country from April 10 last year to March 31 this year.

The highest number of deaths in a single care home in Bolton was 37, recorded by Mill View Care Home, one of Bolton's largest residential homes.

Deaths from the virus reached double figures in six other care homes ­— all which were classed as large ­— with 50 beds or more ­— or medium sized.

They were Farnworth Care Home, 25 deaths; Four Seasons, 15 deaths; Beechville 14 deaths; Lever Edge Care Home, 13 deaths; Rivington View Nursing Home, 11 and Shannon Court Care Centre 10.

"It has been an incredibly difficult period for the care sector and our thoughts are with everyone who has lost a loved one in the last 16 months." said Rachel Tanner, Bolton Council's director of adult services and the managing director of Bolton Integrated Care Partnership,"The Pandemic is one of the greatest challenges we have faced as a country and a borough, we must remember that behind each of these numbers is a person and a family left devastated by their loss."

In total there were 216 deaths in Bolton's care homes, according to the figures.

The CQC said it was publishing figures on death notifications it received from individual homes for the first time in a bid to be transparent, following earlier requests to share the data.

It warned that factors that could influence the number of deaths include rates of local community transmission, care home size and residents’ age and health and care needs.

Care homes in the North West reported the highest number of Covid-related deaths in the first wave of the pandemic, with Bolton recording 132.

This region also had the highest number of deaths involving coronavirus in the wider community, according to figures from Public Health England.

Between April 10 and June 30, 37 large care homes in the country each recorded at least 20 deaths involving Covid-19­— of which 21 were in the North West.

In the final quarter, when the second wave peaked, the South East saw the most deaths involving coronavirus of care home residents and in wider society.

Deaths among care home residents fell significantly in Bolton until they started to rise in again in quarter four ­— January to February ­—when the second wave peaked and resulted in 59 care home residents dying.

Nationally, more than 39,000 care home residents died from the virus, and the highest number of deaths in a single location was 44 and 21 homes had more than 30 deaths as a result of virus.

Ms Tanner said: “Like everywhere in the UK, Covid has been a huge challenge for our care sector who have worked incredibly hard to ensure people received care and compassion throughout, and we thank carers for their continued hard work and commitment.

“Throughout the pandemic Bolton’s Health and Care Partners have worked tirelessly with our care homes and home care providers to ensure that all available steps were taken to protect and support our most vulnerable residents and staff members.

“We took a proactive early approach to responding to the pandemic by sourcing PPE directly, redeploying staff across the partnership where needed, supporting with infection control as well as end-of life-care, and ensuring each home had a named GP.

“Our ongoing work to encourage vaccine take-up has so far seen more than 92% of residents fully vaccinated and nearly 90% of staff receiving at least one dose.

“The Care Quality Commission has stressed that the data on deaths does not reflect the quality of care given and must be used carefully to consider all factors when interpreting the information.

“We have always worked closely with care homes in the borough to support them in providing the highest possible standard of care and pride ourselves on having one of the highest rates of homes with Good quality ratings across Greater Manchester.

“The release of this data will be a stark reminder of the loss we have faced and we offer our deepest condolences to families, loved ones and to providers for the lives lost in the pandemic.


Deaths recorded in Bolton Care Homes from April 10 2020 to March 31, 2021

The Bolton News: Care homes

Mill View Care Home, (classed as a large care home) 37

Farnworth Care Home (classed as a large care home) 25

Four Seasons (classed as a large care home) 15

Beechville (classed as a large care home)14

Lever Edge Care Home (classed as a large care home) 13

Rivington View Nursing Home (classed as a medium care home) 11

Shannon Court Care Centre (classed as a large care home) 10

Laburnum Lodge medium sized care home) 8

St Catherine's Care Home (classed as large care home) 8

Wingates Residential Home (medium sized care home) 8

Sunnyside Residential Home (medium sized care home) 7

Blackrod House (medium sized care home) 6

Astley Grange (medium sized care home) 6

Abafields Residential Home (medium sized care home) 5

Knightswood Care Home (medium sized care home) 5

Southlands Residential Home Limited (medium sized care home) 5

Woodlands Westhoughton Dementia Care Home and Services (classed as a large care home) 5

Lyngate Care Home (medium sized care home) 4

Wilfred Geere House (medium sized care home) 4

Grange Lea Residential Home Limited (medium sized care home) 4

Meadow Bank House (medium sized care home) 3

The Old Vicarage (medium sized care home) 2

Strathmore Nursing Home (medium sized care home) 2

Parkview Residential Home (medium sized care home) 2

Swallowfield Garden Care Home (medium sized care home ) 2

Woodlands Atherton, Dementia Care Home and Services (medium sized care home) 1

Hyde Lea (medium sized care home) 1

Withins (Breightmet) Limited (classed as a large care home) 1

Glenbank Care Home, (classed as medium sized care home )1

Greenlands Residential Home (medium sized care home) 1


Care homes with fewer than 10 beds are not included in the data