A SCHOOLGIRL was thrilled to receive a visit from the official 2022 Commonwealth Games mascot - which she designed herself.

Mascot Perry came to St James (Daisy Hill) CE Primary in Westhoughton on July 20 to pay a special visit to Emma Lou, who won a national competition to design him.

The Year Six pupil’s entry was chosen from hundreds who entered a national competition last year to design a mascot that represents the history, identity and culture of Birmingham.

Emma’s design features a bull called Perry ­— an animal synonymous with Birmingham ­— and is covered in multi-coloured hexagons to symbolise the coming together of the Commonwealth.

Games organisers arranged the visit for Emma and her friends to celebrate their last week at primary school. It was the first time Emma’s friends and teachers have met Perry since he was unveiled in March.

Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Linda Thomas, and Cllr Lisa Reilly, the town mayor of Westhoughton were also on hand.

Emma has received national and international media attention since she was announced as the winner of the competition. The mascot has already become a popular icon for the Games, which will be seen by a global audience of more than one billion people. Emma and her family also won four tickets to the games’ opening ceremony.

The youngster said: “I was so excited to introduce Perry to my school friends and teachers and meet him for the first time It feels like I’ve been in a dream since I won the mascot competition. I’ve been on national TV, met a Commonwealth medallist and even been mentioned in Parliament.

“Having Perry come to visit is a dream come true and the best way to spend my last week at primary school.”

Cllr Reilly added: “This is an incredible achievement. Emma Lou has such a fantastic artistic talent and I’m sure this will take her far. She has not only made her family, friends and school ultra proud, but I’m sure the whole community is super proud of her too.”