A LITTER picker has criticised businesses which dump their waste, calling on the council to tackle those responsible.

Peter Brabin is part of North Bolton Litter Pickers, which sees dozens join up as part of the Bolton Green Umbrella initiative to clear Bolton’s streets and parks.

And while out on a recent litter pick, he and others found waste belonging to businesses which had been dumped near flats off Wigan Road.

He said that the identity of the store was easily obtained, due to letters and receipts that were included in the haul of rubbish.

He said: “When you come across stuff like this it is really disappointing and it’s such a shame that people are choosing to do this rather than get rid of it in a proper way.

“Sometimes when we are out on picks, we can’t remove certain things because of their size and have to leave it there, which can be so frustrating. We had to leave the businesses’ waste there too as it was too much for us.”

Peter and the group are now calling on the council to punish business’ who flytip their waste and leave it around for all to see.

He said: “We have reported the incidents to the council and are awaiting feedback. We all want these businesses to be prosecuted and punished for their flytipping.

“I am half-tempted to take a bag and go about emptying the waste into the stores. We will keep on reporting the cases but it is getting very frustrating.”

Cllr Hilary Fairclough, the borough's cabinet member for environmental regulatory services, said: “Flytipping is a blight on our communities and this council takes a zero tolerance approach to businesses who do not dispose of their waste responsibly.

“As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted we are once again stepping up enforcement action and will take action to hold those responsible to account.

“Everyone can help in the war against flytipping by reporting it through the council website.”

The litter picking group goes out in the community every Sunday and is always on the lookout for new members.

For more information, visit facebook.com/litterpickersEgerton.