Two planned power cuts are set to affect Bolton residents over the next few days.

Wednesday, July 28, will see 31 houses left without electricity supply.

The following postcodes, based in Lostock and Wingates, will be without power: BL6 4EY, BL5 3LT, BL5 3LS, BL5 3LR.

The reference number for this power cut is 40822777.

The following day, Thursday July 29, a further 88 homes will have their power cut off.

The following postcodes, based in Great Lever, will be without power: BL3 3TS, BL3 3HW, BL3 3HS, BL3 3HR, BL3 3HQ, BL3 3HN, BL3 3HL, BL3 3HJ, BL3 3HG, BL3 3HF, BL3 3HD, BL3 3HB, BL3 3HA, BL3 3EZ, BL3 3EY, BL3 3EX, BL3 3EU, BL3 3ET, BL3 3ES, BL3 3ER, BL3 3EP.

The reference number for this power cut is 40822926.

Electricity North West regularly carry out work across the region to improve the network.

The reasons given for this cut are given as: "We carry out planned power cuts to improve the reliability of your electricity supply and so our engineers can safely work on the cables that provide electricity to your property.

"We will get your supply back on as soon as we have finished our work."

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