I WOULD like to say a ‘huge’ thank you to the people who returned my purse to me last Wednesday, July 21.

Their honesty and kindness shows the character of the people of Bolton.

A friend and myself were going to the Tatton Park Flower show. We stopped at the petrol station on Crompton Way to check the tyre pressures, I put my purse on the roof of the car and left it there when I drove away!

The purse stayed on the roof until the sharp right hand bend by Matalan where it flew into the road. Luckily two boys with their father picked it up.

Not knowing what to do with it they passed it to the manager at the car wash on that corner who said that he would hand it in to the police when he finished work.

One of his customer, Dereck, found my address in the purse and he then took the trouble to find my house and leave me a note telling me where I could find my purse! How kind was that?

When I returned home that afternoon I found Dereck’s note and was able to collect my purse from the manager at the car wash.

Nothing was missing, all my bank cards and driver’s licence were there, as was the cash in the purse.

After spending the day worrying about the loss of my purse this was such a relief to me.

Thank you all of you.

Jean Turner