TWO children have been called ‘superheroes’ by their grandmother after they helped to save her life.

In the early hours of Friday morning Susan Daubney, 60, was found unconscious on the sofa by her daughter Sian, who immediately started performing CPR.

But it was thanks to the help of Thomas, 12, and eight-year-old Maegan that Sian could get the back-up she needed.

Susan was staying at her daughter’s house in Farnworth at the time and recalls falling asleep shortly before 1am. Her next memory is of being in the ambulance.

Thomas bravely spoke with the 999 operator while Sian did chest compressions. Then the two siblings ran out into the street to call for help, with several neighbours responding and assisting with the CPR.

Thomas and Maegan were taken to a neighbour’s house so they didn’t have to see any more of the CPR.

Susan, who is president of the Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church, was taken to hospital where she continues to recover while investigations are ongoing into the cause of her seizure.

Sian, also known as Daisy, said how proud she was at how her children reacted.

The 35-year-old said: “I am over the moon with how they acted that night.

“It’s an incredibly scary situation to be in and I want them to know they did the right thing, and how important CPR is.

“I know I could not have done the chest compressions, called the ambulance, opened the door and called for help all by myself so without them my mum wouldn’t be here right now.

“She’d already been without oxygen for four minutes so we had to act fast.

“Thomas gave the ambulance instructions on where to come and then they ran out to the road.

“One neighbour who came to help had just renewed his CPR training so he took over while I did rescue breaths.

“My mum has called them her superheroes because they helped to save her life.

“They initially thought it was a heart attack but doctors have found a nodule on her brain which they are investigating. They believe she had a seizure.”

A North West Ambulance spokesman said: “It’s fantastic to hear of such cool and calm reactions from Mrs Daubney’s grandchildren. Well done to them both for being so brave.”