A GYMNASTICS club needs roof repairs after being flooded again.

Bolton Gymnastics Club in Summerfield Road is no stranger to floods. But the latest one has left the team deflated as they prepared for competitions later this year.

While the gymnasts trained yesterday at 7.30pm, water came gushing down the ceiling from the pipes, as they scrambled to move the equipment to prevent more damage.

But the damage was done to the roof, the carpet, a few mats and the foam pit as the team now look to buy new ones.

One of the owners. Jessica Walsh said: “It was like a waterfall and damaged quite a bit of the equipment, so we cancelled sessions this week.”

The club already relocated due to flooding in their last building in 2014 at the Newhouse Farm in Darcy Lever, but the new site has also been a flooding site a few times in the past.

Miss Walsh said: “We repaired it last time but this time the water has come from a different side and out a gutter.”

The club, which has a large waiting list, had only just started welcoming back gymnasts after lockdown.

Miss Walsh added: “We’ve not had it too good, but we are getting there.

“The water has ruined some of the foam in the foam pits and to build it cost £20,000, so now £5,000 of it is damaged.

“We still have to add up the cost of the damage and are getting water out of the equipment.”

The club even hired a special dehumidifier to help them.

Miss Walsh added: “We had to close the place as soon as it happened and get the gymnasts out for health and safety, but they did start to help, along with parents.

“We moved as much as we could but it’s just frustrating, especially since the last year with Covid-19 and have been closed for around 10 months.”

The club was looking forward to getting the gymnasts back into shape and ready to compete at both national and international competitions.

Miss Walsh said: “They were in their happy place and then the next minute we are back to square one, so it’s a bit of a pain, but hopefully we can get all clear to open back up next week.”

Currently they are looking for help with roof repairs. Find them on Facebook @Boltongymnasticsclub