A WOMAN from Bolton has shared her weight-loss journey, telling other 'if I can do it, you can too'.

Alice Doherty, aged 25 , from Halliwell, weighed nearly 19 stone at the start of the last year's lockdown - but now weighs in at 10 stone.

Alice said that she regularly used to binge on takeaways and junk food, but wanted to lose weight to be able to keep up with her three children.

She won the 'Woman of the Year' award for 2020 at her local Slimming World group due to her achievement, and is now encouraging others to ditch junk food for a more healthy and balanced diet.

The Bolton News: CHANGE: Alice before and after

She said: "I started Slimming World at the start of lockdown when I was nearly 19 stone. I wasn't happy with myself - I had put the weight on during a bad relationship, I was homeless and I wasn't doing well at all. I decided to start changing my diet and looked at what I was eating - by December I was down to 10 stone and have managed to maintain that since."

Alice brought her weight down by making simple food substitutions and cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks.

She has cut out fat on her meat, most sugars and oil - and using salad, vegetables and sugar-free products as 'simple swaps'.

The Bolton News:

She added: "It all really used to affect my mental health and I hated how I looked, but it has changed my life. I can do a lot more now and can keep up with my three kids - I used to get tired very easily.

"I want to share my story because I know that so many people have gained a lot of weight during the lockdowns and if I can help inspire one person then I am happy - if I can do it, anyone can.

"I have basically transformed my image because of how unhappy I was with how I looked. I know a few people who have joined Slimming World groups because of the posts that I have shared on Facebook and that's amazing."

The group she first attended was based at St Matthew's Church in Little Lever. For more information on, visit slimmingworld.co.uk/group/556472.