A BOLTON man who stole 29 Febreze refills, a Listerine mouthwash and two chicken baguettes from Morrisons has managed to avoid a jail sentence.

Adrian Wilkinson, 35, also stole five Febreeze evolutions, 16 Febreze unstoppables and three Febreze Ambi Pur from the Blackburn supermarket on October 31.

At Blackpool Magistrates Court Wilkinson, of Bradford Street, pleaded guilty to the theft offence, as well as pleading guilty to two more theft offences.

One of these occurred on September 9 at the same Morrisons, where he stole water, Nutrigrain, nine Comfort products, eight Febreze products and a loaf of bread, to the total value of £105.50.

The third theft offence to which he pleaded guilty was again from the same Morrisons supermarket in Blackburn, on August 21.

On that occasion the court heard how he had stolen seven Febreze unstoppables air fresheners, one Febreze refil, one packet of nail files and one deodorant, to the value of £61.50.

The total value of the items stolen was £407.30, magistrates were told.

All items had been recovered by the police and the court took into account Wilkinson’s guilty pleas when sentencing, ordering him to pay a total fine of £205 including court costs.