The number of people being treated for Covid-19 at Royal Bolton Hospital has declined slightly in line with falling infection rates.

The latest figures released by NHS England show that coronavirus patient numbers at the hospital has dropped below 50 again after a spike in numbers in mid-July.

As of July 27, the latest data available, 48 people were being treated for the virus at Bolton Hospital, a significant drop from just five days before, July 22, where there were 60 patients being treated.

The rise in hospital patient numbers during July coincided with a rising number of Covid cases in the borough and the rest of the region, with infection rates rising as high as 531.7 new positive cases per 100,000 residents in the seven days to July 19.

This slight fall in patient numbers in the latest data appears to correspond with a recent fall in cases in the borough, with the infection rate dropping to 284.1 cases per 100,000 residents in the seven days to July 26.

Patient numbers had dropped as low as 11 at the start of May, but the current number of patients is still far lower than previous highs during the pandemic, with Bolton Hospital treating as many as 150 people at points in January this year.

The total number of patients who have died at Bolton Hospital from Covid-19 is now 692, with the last death occurring on July 28.

The latest figures also show that 191,543 people have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in Bolton, equalling 78.5 per cent, with 161,232 receiving their second jab, equalling 66.1 per cent or residents.