A HEADTEACHER has urged parents to speak with their children about the consequences of vandalism after property was damaged at All Saints Primary School in Farnworth.

On Monday evening at around 5pm a group of kids managed to trespass onto the school grounds and climbed up scaffolding onto the roof.

They set off a fire extinguisher and threw it onto the playing fields, as well as breaking into the school's bike shed and damaging an outdoor sink.

Katie Hague, headteacher at the school, has since spoken with the parents of the children - who are not former pupils - about what happened and they have taken full responsibility.

She said: "They managed to peel back some of the fencing - which we have now fixed - to get access to the grounds.

"As we are currently having roofing work being done they were able to climb up the scaffolding which is incredibly dangerous.

"They found a fire extinguisher up there which they set off and then threw into the grounds.

"Later on they broke into our bike store where we have bikes for all of the Year 1 pupils, they rode these around before hammering seven bells out of one of the bikes.

"They also damaged an outside sink using items from a skip.

"We do experience kids hanging around the grounds and that is fine as long as they're not harming anyone or anything.

"But this was particularly malicious; I can understand them finding it funny riding around on a bike that's too small for them, but not causing all this damage.

"I think kids do this out of boredom, it starts as a joke but then they egg each other on.

"I don't think it's a specific targeted thing, I think they get carried away and it gets escalated.

"I have spoken with the parents and they were mortified. It wasn't particularly late and it wasn't like these children were out at a time when they shouldn't have been.

"I urge parents to speak with their children about vandalism and the consequences it can have on others."