Controversial plans to convert a three-bedroom terraced house into a seven-bedroom house of multiple occupation have been rejected by the council.

Plans were submitted in December last year to convert the three bedroom terraced house into the HMO by Manchester-based developers Wilson and Scanlon on Brownlow Road, in Horwich.

Many concerns were raised over the lack of parking and the impact a HMO would have on the character of the street, with councillors and local residents voicing their concerns.

However, a highways report stated that the property is highly accessible to modes of transportation and the town centre of Horwich car parking provision saying the "highway authority would struggle to reasonably object to what is being proposed under this application".

The plans were rejected by Bolton Council on Wednesday (August 4) with 66 letters of objection received by members of the public.

Horwich North East councillor, Richard Silvester, expressed his happiness at the plans being rejected, saying: "I am very pleased that this planning application has been refused. Quite clearly it was not right for the area and I had objected to it and supported local residents with their concerns against the proposal.

"The planning officer has correctly found that a seven bedroomed property squashed into a single terraced house would mean no amenity space for occupiers both inside and outside, lack of bin storage, potential disturbance to neighbours and overdevelopment.

"You really have to wonder how the people behind these proposals came up with such an idea and what is in it for them. I shall be waiting to see if they come back with another scheme instead now."

Cllr Marie Brady, also a Horwich North East Councillor, also voiced her objections to the proposals, saying: "It would have adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours, by reason of disturbance and loss of privacy. Unacceptably high density/over-development of the site."

Horwich town council said after the plans were originally submitted that they were “unacceptable over development of a three bedroom terrace house which would materially alter the family-orientated, residential nature of Brownlow Road.

“We have queried comments from highways who offered no objection yet Brownlow Road is already congested with inadequate parking for existing residents.”