A DANCE music group from Halliwell is back and recording tracks following a hiatus.

The Blackout Crew hit the charts in 2009 with their album Time 2 Shine, which included popular singles 'Bbbbbounce' and 'Put a Donk on It'.

Now the group is hoping to come full circle and enjoy a wave of renewed popularity.

As restrictions have eased, the group has begun appearing at sell-out gigs and music festivals, as they prepare to record new singles in the coming months.

Jordan Cover, one of the members of the group, said that it was a exciting time, although much of their upcoming plans were on a ‘wait and see’ basis.

He said: “We are in the middle of working on a few different singles. We are making a couple of tracks at the minute which we hope to release over the next couple of months. They are being done in more of a commercial aspect than the hard-hitting ones we have done before.

“The demographic has changed since we started and we have got to keep up with the trends.”

The Blackout Crew was formed in Halliwell as part of a youth project aimed at encouraging creativity in youngsters.

But members of the group come from all around the area - including Deane, Heaton, Kearsley and Walkden.

And Jordan said that "now seemed like the right time" for the group to reunite and make music again.

He added: “We remained close ever since we split. We had all just got a bit bored and a bit disillusioned with the music that we were making. But we were all talking recently about how music cycles and things come back into popularity.

“Dance music seems to be coming back into popularity again. It just seemed like the right time now. It is all looking promising. We are in a good place as far as who we have got behind us and what we have planned. It is just about getting it done now.”

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