RESIDENTS are kicking up a stink after their bins keep being missed off the refuse collection rounds.

Local councillor Paul Sanders says he understands the frustrations of locals but added that cars are sometimes are parked in a way that bin lorries cannot get access.

And he added he was exploring ways to ensure bin were not missed off the rounds in future.

Residents near and around the Rawson Street area of Farnworth say they can be waiting weeks for their grey bins to be emptied.

One resident, who does not want to be named, said that “the council are failing to provide a service” which local residents “pay tax for.”

He said: “I have complained several times this year that refuse collections have been missed and despite complaints this still goes on.

“Collections have been more irregular this year in 2021, than when we were going through a major pandemic scenario in 2020.

“If a grey bin is not emptied, we are waiting a total of four weeks for a bin that is supposed to be deemed by Bolton Council as suitable for a two weekly collection.”

In the most recent refuse collection on Rawson Street on August 6, the Bolton Council website states the grey bin collection was missed due to the bin collectors having no access to Rawson Street. It adds that the bins will be emptied in the next scheduled collection.

Farnworth and Kearsley First councillor Mr Sanders said:“Residents have been in touch about regular missed bin collections around Rawson Street. Residents’ frustrations with this reoccurring problem are completely understandable.

“The Waste and Recycling Department have explained that the issue here is restricted access. I’ve requested that the Waste and Recycling fleets return to complete the round, but even on second visits, private vehicles are in the way of back streets.

“It’s clear that we need to understand who owns the vehicles blocking access on bin days and request that they please play their part to allow the fleets through.

“If that isn’t achievable, it may be advisable for residents to bring their bins to an agreed accessible point, which I accept will feel that residents are being unfairly inconvenienced.”

Cllr Sanders says that the main priority is getting the bins emptied for residents and some form of arrangement needs to be made.

He said: “The priority here is getting bins emptied – on collection days, the fleet are there and the bins are there – we need to somehow bring both together.”