A BMW car smashed into parked cars on a residential street leaving debris everywhere in the early hours of this morning.

Emergency services were called to Campbell Street, Farnworth, around 12.30am after a BMW car smashed into at least four parked cars.

Farnworth fire station watch manager Mark Hoare said the crash caused lots of debris with many police on the scene.

He said: "It was one BMW which smashed into at least four stationary cars.

"There was debris everywhere. It looked like a very serious incident when we first got there.

"We don't believe anyone was injured but one car was shunted in front of a house blocking the door whichh could have been a lot worse if someone was there.

"We just made the scene safe for the police."

A GMP spokesman said: "Police were called shortly after 12.30am to a report of a collision involving a car and four parked vehicles.

"The driver was taken to hospital for treatment for non-serious injuries. Enquiries are ongoing."