Plans for a 24-hour electric car charging centre where drivers can wash their vehicle while waiting have been submitted.

Swift Energy Ltd wish to build the centre on a current car park off Ellesmere Street in Farnworth.

They say the current situation means that owners of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are hampered by parking restrictions at charging venues such as supermarkets.

Plans lodged with Bolton Council propose to create 12 solar powered electric charging points and two hydrogen charging points with a car wash facility and vending machines.

The land is currently used as a car park and is on the north side of Ellesmere Street.

The 452 sqm site is surrounded with commercial units.

The application seeks opening times of 24 hours a day, seven days per week and says the site will include round the clock security CCTV.

Supporting documents issued on behalf of Swift Energy said the area south of Bolton did not have enough charging points for vehicles.

The report, said: ” The surrounding areas of this site has very few electric charging stations.

“The charging stations in the area are located at supermarket car parks.

“This means you can only charge your vehicle while shopping on site.

“The supermarket car parks allow a maximum stay of two hours.

“Some vehicles can take up to 12 hours to fully charge.

“This scheme will be beneficial to all the local residents as they will be able to comfortably fully charge their vehicles without having to worry about the two-hour parking restriction.”

The document adds that each charging point will have its own vending machine with refreshments for customers to enjoy while waiting for their cars to charge.

There will also be a car washing facility for the customers to make use of during their visit.

Power for the 12 charging points will be generated via solar panel energy.

Neighbours on Brackley Street, Ellesmere Walk and Westwood Close are to be consulted on the plans.

The application will be decided on by planners at Bolton Council at a date to be decided.