A LEIGH dance company is searching for 'Guardian Angels' to help continue its life-saving work with people in recovery from addiction.

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, which has a recovery group at the Turnpike Gallery, has launched a Guardian Angel scheme inviting supporters to contribute regularly to their work so that they can increase capacity and help more people reach their full potential.

Artistic director Paul Bayes Kitcher, himself a recovering addict, said: “The pandemic and lockdown has been tough for many people but especially tough for those battling poor mental health.

“I know...isolation makes people in recovery more vulnerable to relapse, so during lockdown we moved quickly to transfer our groups online.

“These workshops became a lifeline so we are appealing to the public to consider giving us regular support so that we can offer more and more recovering addicts access to our unique and creative practice.”

Underlining how the group can improve addict’s lives, Paul added: “Our research and evaluation, with [the help of] Dr Zoe Zontou, of Liverpool Hope University, shows the outcomes of being part of our recovery groups include significantly increased confidence, raised self-esteem and physical and emotional wellbeing.

“Many of our workshop participants have gone on to volunteer, to further education and into employment.

“Support from individual donors would go such a long way in helping us allow more people to reach their full potential.”

The company was founded in 2011. As well as in Leigh, the company also has recovery groups in Chester and Liverpool, and continues to work online to reach more people in need.

Becoming a Guardian Angel to help the theatre continue with their programme costs just £3.50 a month, although people can choose to contribute as much as they like. For this, members get a regular newsletter plus insights into their work. Full details are on their website.