OUR so-called councillors have totally lost the plot.

Why do people not come to Bolton? It’s due to the over zealous traffic wardens that go round in twos and book people for 30 second infringements to parking rules.

Parking is sited far away from the shops and how long will people stay when things change to student town?

I have not been to my home town of Bolton for a good while for a number of reasons; mainly due to the excessive distance from parking to get to and from the shops as I have problems walking. This makes it very difficult.

Also the number of high street names that are leaving the sinking ship and make going into town a waste of time as they are moving to out of town sites.

If we are to put housing on the old Moor Lane Bus station, it won’t be long before people are housed in the town hall!

Can we accept the vast amount of money this is costing and the level of debt it will bring?

Councillors step back and look at other look towns and ask why they are flourishing and implement similar changes to my home town, Bolton

If we don’t start changing things now what will be left for the younger generation? Nothing!


(name and address supplied)