AN 11-year-old and his 8-year-old brother will run 10k for a children’s charity caring for those with life-threatening illnesses.

Koby and his brother Rocco Adamson from Harwood in Bolton, are running 10k near their home to raise money for Derian House Hospice.

The two boxing brothers already love running and fitness and even want to run further than 10k, but their dad, lee Adamson thinks it’s safer to run 10k first.

Mr Adamson said: "They are going to do laps around the area. They have been doing loads of running, they already run 6k in a week.

"So, we said why don’t you do something for charity, and they loved the idea and Derian Hospice is for kids on end-of-life care, so we wanted to help them.

"They wanted to give back to the community after we spoke to them. They’re both really up for it and are active kids anyway.

"If they can help somebody by doing what they’re doing, then they will."

Rocco and Koby want to do the run in fancy dress costumes but their dad is unsure whether this will be a good idea for the young boxers.

He said: "We’ve never done anything like this before, so we want to make sure we do it properly for them."

There is no set date for the run yet, but Mr Adamson says they are looking at mid-September when the brothers are back at school.

Derian House Hospice is a charity the family have donated to for the last 10 years already and hope they can reach a total of £1000 for the run.

Mr Adamson is also a qualified personal trainer as well as running his own business as a builder.

He said: “They get me up at 6am to go running because once they set their mind to something, they are dedicated.

"We have explained to them what they’re doing and what Derian House is and they understand and want to do it."

Rocco and Koby already have incredible discipline as they train three times a week in the summer holidays. 

Mr Adamson said: “They literally train like pro boxers already. 

“I can trust them to run a route close to home because they know it. 

“I got them into running myself but now Koby can outrun me. He will be faster because they have both really taken to it.”

“I am just a proud father, I love seeing a smile on their faces when they wake up to train. I really do believe they are natural born athletes.”

To donate  to the fundraiser go here.