A NEW fish emporium is looking to sell unique specimens when it opens its doors in Bolton this September.

Jay Rushton will open the new shop in Coe Street, where he breeds the same fish and not mixed species, like many other shops.

His outfit will supply cold water fish and tropical fish, among others.

He said: "I have had this idea for a while now but only just got a place to do it.

"I initially wanted to buy a new place for buying and selling cars but then as I was looking, I kept thinking about where I could put fish. I did still breed fish then but not on a large scale like this."

Mr Rushton eventually decided to quit selling cars to concentrate on the fish business.

He said: "I didn’t enjoy buying and selling cars, I just did it for the money and it bored me.

"Someone came to buy fish off me and told me that I could do it full time, that I would make loads of money doing it and I really love it.

"I used to sell on Ebay but you don’t make anything much and you end up paying more out so it’s not worth it."

Although, the 23-year-old loves fish, he does not keep any at home any more, but had over 10 fish tank there at one point.

He keeps angel fish, quacks and guppies among others. He is also confident he can bring in unique fish through his suppliers in Bolivia and track down fish that his customers may ask for.

He said: Angel fish are my favourite because they are more active and show a bit more personality than the rest.

“I am one of the only places around that does not mix them, because many other shops will mix the different species and breed them like that.”

Jay grew up in Spain, in a household that did not really keep pets. But after moving to Warrington, and seeing his friends keep them, he followed suit.

Although he lives in Warrington, the fish fanatic could not find a suitable place there and thought there were too many similar retailers.

He said: “There were too many already there and Bolton is a better place, even though there are others here.”