BLUEPRINTS for a new apartments complex near Westhoughton station have been drawn up and lodged with borough planners.

Land off Church Street, on the Wingates border, has been identified for the project by Michael Jennings and Yew Tree Developments.

Under the bid, for a location currently partly used for timber storage, 35 apartments would be created. The proposed apartments would be served by 18 car parking spaces and room for 20 bike places.

No design statement has yet been submitted for the development site, which is partly covered by overgrown trees and bushes. But a transport assessment has been drafted by Leigh-based consultants Flood Flow.

In a report, it is stated: "At present the site is classed as brownfield including existing outbuildings and hardstandings used for the storage of timber products. The site is bounded by Church Street to the east, residential dwellings along James Street to the north, industrial unit to the west and a railway track to the south, separated from the development site by a row of trees and bushes."

The consultants acknowledge the potential for parking issues, ahead of any permission being granted.

The transport reports adds: "In order to deter long-stay visitor parking in the proposed parking bays, it is proposed that a maximum parking time limit is stipulated on post mounted signs. To be consistent with the parking restrictions that currently apply on Church Street, it is proposed to reinstate the double yellow lines.....for access and egress to the proposed development, thus preventing capacity issues along Church Street.

"The traffic speeds are regulated to 20mph in this locality, which in turn will be beneficial in highway safety terms. Furthermore, it will assist pedestrians in crossing Church Street. Additionally, tactile paving and new dropped kerbs are proposed at the bell mouth of the proposed junction, to assist pedestrian movements."

Because the apartments are sited close to the site and on a main bus route, the development is said to be easily accessible for public transport.