A girl golfer is inspiring more young females into playing golf as a club aims to be more inclusive.

The Bolton Golf Club held an open day for girls and women on August 24 to invite them to try their hand at golf, in order to encourage more girls to take it up.

Ruby Wrigley from Bolton started playing after seeing her brother Alex take it up and has become a regular member at the club.

At just 12-years-old, Ruby is already considered to be good for her age and is complimented by head professional Matthew Galley, who said: "Ruby is amazing and so is her brother.

"She is talented and we want more young girls to take part so we can make a group of girls playing too."

Ruby's mum, Rachael Wrigley supports her daughter playing golf and said: "Ruby just loves playing golf now and I love watching her.

"I used to bring them both to watch and play because it's just something different to do.

"She loves being out, meeting new people and making new friends becasue it is like a community when you play golf."

Despite her love of golf, Ruby wishes to see more girls play with her.

Mrs Wrigley said: "There are mostly lads rather than girls but Ruby gets on with everyone.

"She goes out and talks to them but not all the boys will talk to her when she's out there.

"But when she played in Durham for the Junior Jamboree as a Lancashire team, she played among 36 girls and said it was the best golfing day of her life."

Ruby won with the Lancashire Girls Junior Jamboree team and also played at Formby last week, where she also took victory with her team.

Viv Rink who has been playing at the Bolton Golf Club for 40 years said she was delighted to see a young girl joining it.

She said: "What I love is that even a junior player can play with a mature person, so every time I'm here I've played with a different person, which is great."

The experienced golfer initially scoffed at the thought of golf when her dad suggested it when she was 18-years-old, but when her husband and son started playing, she soon got the bug too.

She said: "If you can't beat them, join them. The golf clubs then travelled everywhere with us."

Find out more information on the Bolton Golf Club website.