TWO brothers driving home to Farnworth after their hospital shift helped bring a pervert to justice after they witnessed a man running away from a screaming girl.

Mobeen Afiz, a physician associate at Blackburn Hospital, and his brother Moneeb, a junior doctor, were passing through Darwen on May 21 when they saw a young girl in distress near to Marsh House Lane.

At first they thought she was with family and continued driving, but then they spotted a man in his 40s running away from the area.

They doubled back and consoled the 13-year-old who told them that she had been sexually assaulted.

Moneeb, 32, stayed with the girl while Mobeen, 30, tried to find the man.

Mobeen managed to work out where the man had gone, information which he provided to the police along with a detailed description of the man.

Their evidence ensured that Mark McCarren was sentenced to 15 years at Preston’s Sessions House earlier this month.

Mobeen said: “It was around 6.30pm and we were driving home to Farnworth. I’ve been working at Blackburn for three years now but my brother, who’s a junior doctor, was working a locum shift there.

“As we were driving through Darwen we passed a girl who was screaming. At first we thought she was with some family members and didn’t think much of it so carried on.

“But then we spotted this man in his 40s who was running for his life. I put two and two together and we turned around to go back to the girl.

“We have a duty of care towards the public so we we asked her a few questions and she told us she had been sexually assaulted. My brother stayed to console her and I drove off to see where the man had gone.

“I didn’t want him to get away with it and I managed to figure out which direction the man had fled in by asking some people in the area.

“The police arrived and took details from the girl - I think she was taken to a specialist unit.

“Then detectives were able to trace his route from my information and check any CCTV along the way. This matched up with the girl’s description so they were able to catch the man responsible.

“I’m just glad the girl didn’t have to relive the experience at court, and that this dangerous man has been taken off the streets.”